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Some of latest case studies?

1. Lumbago
A 43 yr old female with a first onset of low back pain, with no signs of serious pathology on examination a short course of spinal manipulation with early self management and mobilisations helped this lady have a swift resolution to her complaint.

2. General back pain (Chronic)
A 32 year old rugby player presented to the clinic as he had had to give up playing due to an on going nonspecific low back pain. Through a detailed case history and examination we identified some key contributors to his complaint, working on these with various soft tissue therapies and spinal manipulation relieved his symptoms and with some relevant rehabilitation he was able to return playing and still attends the clinic for a regular check-up.

2. General low back pain (acute)
A 53 year old builder who has been managing an episodic back problem for many years presented with an acute episode, with a lean to the right. Examination was not suggestive of any nervous involvement, but there appeared to be significant muscle spasm as you would expect in this scenario. Using various soft tissue techniques and giving him advice and guidance on mobility exercises he was able to return to work quickly.

3. Sciatica
A 34 year old male footballer presented with signs of nerve root tension and irritation to the sciatic nerve, initially giving him Mckenzie directional therapy and nerve flossing to do daily as well as discussing movement patterns we progressively transitioned him back to activity and eventually back into football, passively we used spinal manipulation and various soft tissue techniques.

4. Mechanical Neck pain
A 60 year old male with long history of neck pain and shoulder pain related to his occupation as a scaffolder. After ruling out anything beyond my scope of practice we started care with various soft tissue techniques around the shoulder and neck, along with some rehabilitation exercises we soon got control of the situation. This patient now chooses to see me on regularly on a supportive basis.

5. Headache arising from the neck (cervicogenic)
A 35 year old female who has recently gone form a physically active job to a desk based job presented with a 3 month history of headaches for which she had previously presented to her GP. After a case history and examination we treated this patient with spinal manipulation, soft tissue therapies and lots of advice about desk set up and posture to minimise the stress on the neck leading to her headaches.

6. Migraine prevention
A 37 year old female presented to the clinic with various minor complaints with the priority of gaining control of her migraines. After a short course of manipulation this patient now attends the clinic periodically to prevent her migraines developing.

7. Rotator cuff injuries, disease or disorders
A 70 year old male presented to clinic with a gradual onset of right shoulder pain over a number of months. Having taken a detailed case history and performed an appropriate examination the most likely cause of this patients complaint was rotator cuff tendinopathy. Knowing the patient could take the shoulder through a reasonable range of motion gave us plenty of options when it came to rehabilitating the shoulder, we used various progressive resistance exercises to build up his tolerance to movement as well as using various passive treatments to manage his symptoms.

8. Generalized Shoulder
A 59 yr old female with a long history of ‘niggling’ shoulders came to me after a lot of badgering from her daughter! After talking to the patient at length about the problems she was having we discussed the need for her to take control of this and developed an exercise program to help her overcome the issues in the long run as well as some passive interventions to provide some short term relief.

9. Soft tissue disorders of the shoulder

A 50 year old general builder was referred to us by his wife who is also a patient of ours for a shoulder complaint which had been going on for a couple of months. Mobilising the shoulder and soft tissue therapies soon had the symptoms under control which allowed us to start rehabilitation using isometric (static) and eccentric (as the muscles get longer) exercises getting him back to functioning without pain.

10. Joint pains
A 25 yr old male who has had 4 operations on his left knee after one football injury, at presentation the knee was that sensitive that he would only just let me touch it, meaning that the examination was pretty limited and more observational of the way he moved. This also meant that passive care was off the table and we have only used progressive overload exercises to reinforce the kinematic chain, strengthening the foot, the ankle and the hip to take load away from the knee, gradually progressing through control, to strength, to power and endurance while also reintroducing multi-directional movements.

11. Elbow pain and tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) arising from associated musculoskeletal conditions of the back and neck, but not isolated occurrences
A 38 year old female presented a number of weeks after falling off her bike and attending A&E to rule out anything more serious. The examination suggested that her L arm pain was related to trauma she sustained landing on her left side and shoulder. Treatment consisted of soft tissue therapies, as well as manipulation and mobilisation of the joints involved, as well as home work to stretch and strengthen the relevant structures

12. Ankle sprain (short term management)
Management of an acute ankle sprain may involve several things, initially we need to control the inflammation, but after 24-48 hours there should a move to start to mobilise the ankle, both passively (by your therapist) and actively (by using your ankle). Once the inflammatory phase has passed we can start loading it, this will generally follow stepwise progressions from control, to strength, to power.

13. Minor sports injuries
A 31 year old female presented to the clinic with various minor back problems 5 months out from training for her first marathon. Having settled the various niggles using soft tissue techniques and spinal manipulation we discussed and set out a strength program to help her run with better form for longer, she completed her marathon in a respectable time of 4hrs 57min.

14. Plantar fasciitis (short term management)
Depending on the nature of the complaint we may use some kinesio-tape to support it, or some soft tissue therapies as well as manipulating the foot to bring some short-term relief, however long term resolution usually requires the patient to strengthen the plantar fascia and their foot in general.

15. Muscle spasms

The vast majority of these cases are acute (short-term) such as that seen with an acute episode of nonspecific low back pain. These are typically transient and pass within a couple of weeks however advice specific to you are about gentle mobilizations can help you return to normal life quickly.

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