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Can older people have chiropractic care?

chiropractic care in the elderly.

Can older people have chiropractic care? Firstly, chiropractic care is appropriate for the elderly population. Because we use several different techniques in the clinic, not just spinal manipulative therapy, we can select more appropriate techniques which are gentler and more...

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Accupunture treatment york

What is Dry needling?

Understanding Dry needling? It has been shown that our bodies can develop areas of hypersensitivity as a response to various stresses i.e. postural, repetitive movements, psychological, emotional, etc. Dry needling involves placing a fine needle into these areas of sensitivity....

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Research Review

Jun et al. Chiropractic & Manual Therapies (2020) 28:15 Potential mechanisms for lumbar spinal stiffness change following spinal manipulative therapy: a scoping review Abstract Introduction: In individuals having low back pain, the application of spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) has been...

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Running Biomechanics

Over the past couple of years I have completed 2 running biomechanics and injury courses, one from a reductionist perspective and one from an optimist’s perspective. The reductionist perspective is that everybody needs to fit in a certain box, we...

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The Spine

Many people will experience back pain of some description at some point during their life, for this reason I have chosen to right a quick blog about the anatomy of the spine and various pain generators within. This should help...

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The Facet Joint

The facet joints make up part of the three joint complex which governs movement in each motion segment of the spine. This three joint complex is made up of the intervetebral disc (IVD) and the posteriorly positioned facet joints, one...

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Peripheral Neurology

Many people present to the clinic complaining of both a central problem, e.g. low back, and a peripheral problem, e.g. leg pain, with many presuming the cases are linked together, in this scenario via the sciatic nerve. However, sciatica is...

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