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“After years of spending hundreds of pounds on massage and physio on my neck things came to crisis point when I suffered whiplash in a car crash.

Unable to sleep, or look to my left I was recommended to see Andy. Within one session I was able to sleep, now after a few more sessions, I am back exercising and training for a triathlon. Thank you Andy, you’ve given me back the active life I thought was no longer physically able to have.”

– Lorna Parsons

“Amazing results!! I developed backache due to my occupation. It started off about 5-6yrs ago which was quite low grade, however by the time I decided to attend CORE CHIROPRACTIC YORK it had reached the point where some days I was almost in tears with the pain. From the first treatment I had instant relief. After a series of regular appointments over a couple of months it was completely gone. Due to the nature of my occupation my back is going to be an ongoing problem, but I now only see Andrew every couple of months on a maintenance basis. A day or two before my appointments I can feel the back ache just starting to edge in, but then it’s instant relief again after treatment.

At first I was very apprehensive about spinal manipulation treatments. I was imagining that if someone was forcing your bones to ‘crack’ like that then it must hurt. But it really doesn’t and because of the relief it brings I now find the ‘cracking an almost pleasant sensation!!”

– Andrea B

“Many thanks for the professional and very effective treatment for my sciatic back pain.

Five years ago I started with severe back pain after years of white water kayaking

Over a three month period my (sciatic) pain would start and slowly get worse. I would then go to my GP who would refer me for physiotherapy. This did not help, and in fact, my pain slowly got worse to the point I was in agony. I was eventually referred to a back specialist who discussed giving me an epidural too get the pain relief I required. I ended up off work for two weeks, confined to bed in agony, on huge doses of painkillers (Ibuprofen, Paracetamol and Tramadol). I would then slowly recover, gradually coming off the pain killers.

The next time I started having sciatic pains, they progressed over three months as described above. This time I did not wish to go through the sae agony as previously. Fortunately I received a mail shot from Andrew Lee at CORE CHIROPRACTIC YORK. I decided to book an appointment for a consultation with him. After a thorough consultation he correctly diagnosed the cause of my back problems. To my great relief my back pain started to reduce as we commenced a course of back manipulation and gentle exercises increasing over time. My back is now pain free and with two monthly check ups I intend to keep it that way.

No more physio for me!!! I would strongly advise anyone suffering as I did to contact Andrew Lee at CORE CHIROPRACTIC YORK.

Many thanks”

– Andrew A

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