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Accupunture treatment york

What is Dry needling?

Accupunture treatment york

Understanding Dry needling?

It has been shown that our bodies can develop areas of hypersensitivity as a response to various stresses i.e. postural, repetitive movements, psychological, emotional, etc. Dry needling involves placing a fine needle into these areas of sensitivity. It is used to stimulate the healing process for soft tissue injuries. It is fairly similar to acupuncture, however, while acupuncture is based on Chinese medicine, using specific points on the body, dry needling basically involves putting needles in sensitive tissue.

How does dry needling help?

By putting a needle into sensitive tissue we hope to stimulate a response, this is not well understood but is thought to involve an inflammatory mediator response leading to a reduction in pain. What we also often see is some redness on the skin around the needle suggesting a local vasodilatory response helping to metabolically ‘reset’ the tissue, similar to that seen after massage.

Does it hurt?
Typically, patients do feel something when we use dry needling techniques, this can be a scratch as the needle goes in, or if we hit the really sensitive tissue, it can give a deep ache and possibly some referred pain around the site of the needle.

Equally the area can sometimes feel sore or tight for 12-24 hours after therapy, but you should then start to feel the benefit.

Although Dry Needling has been around for years, it is a relatively new treatment to many. It is safe, effective and a nice adjunct to the manual and manipulative therapies that we provide at core chiropractic.